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about us

About us

Your trusted partner. We are a Sydney based outsourcing firm specialised in handling loan processing and other back office activities.

Practical and affordable. We provide excellent service for a very reasonable fee. There are no fixed costs or commitments as the fee is charged on a case-by-case basis.

Exceeding your expectations. We don't just do data entry, we go beyond the call of duty. We keep adding value until the loan is fully settled.

Our services

Your trusted partner. We are a Sydney based outsourcing firm specialised in handling loan processing and other back office activities.


Pay Per Application:

Broker partners may choose to pay based on the number of applications processed by the team. Under this model, we have three service packages: Basic, Lodgement and Follow Up package.

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Dedicated Team Member:

We also provide fully trained and deicated loan processing officers to work as part of your team. You have the flexibility to hire a team member either for 20 hours or 40 hours per week.

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Why use Brokers' BackOffice?

  • Robust IT security controls. We are ISO certified.
  • Experienced team with 70+ current team members.
  • 120+ happy clients who use our services regularly.
  • Approved with majority of the aggregator groups.
  • Secure and trusted provider, your data will remain confidential.

Practical outsourcing

We pride ourselves in delivering genuine expertise and unparalleled specialisation in mortgage industry's back office support.



If you had ever wished you had a bit more time with your clients and spent less time poring over your paperwork, outsourcing with us may well transform your business.



Decide today whether it is better to spend time on entering data in your CRM or true value lies in networking, marketing and growing your clientele.



We provide excellent service for a very reasonable fee which involves no fixed cost and commitment. Fee is charged per application processed.


Check what some of our happy clients say about us. We would be happy to provide more references, if required.

Chris De Jesus

I've been using Brokers BackOffice for about 12 months now and cannot thank enough the entire team for making loan processing and file lodgement a seamless process for us. Brokers' BackOffice's technical knowledge, flexibility, and responsiveness have all surpassed my expectations. I love their work and recommend anyone wishing to outsource their loan processing services.

Bill Fahs

I've always been sceptical of hiring offshore workers for my company. However, Brokers BackOffice made the process very simple for us. They provided experienced loan processing officer to work as part of my team who knew Mercury, ApplyOnline and other systems very well. I recommend Brokers BackOffice to any one wishing to hire a dedicated virtual team member.

Michael Zhar

Seamless process with minimal communication required. Great value to my business and will highly recommend broker back office to any broker firm trying to take there business to the next level.

David Bowen

Very efficient Home Loan application support team. Helping to make our Home Loan applications quicker.

Troy Starcevich

I am a single operator that has taken on the services of Brokers' BackOffice so that my day becomes freer to concentrate of other matters. I have been using their service for a few months now and so far so good.

Ditte Westbury

Brokers' BackOffice are an essential part of my business and help me get the processing done well and on time. I highly recommend anyone considering outsourcing their processing to use them.

George Louca

Quick and efficient loan processing service. Slack is so easy to communicate with the team. Knowledgeable team with prompt response. I recommend Brokers' BackOffice.

Tony Kelly

I can't believe how much of a difference the team at Brokers BackOffice made in my business. Initially I was hesitant to hire a virtual team member. But I can say now that I made a right decision. They provided me an experienced loan processor at a fraction of cost of what I would paid for an onshore team member. The strategy of hiring back office member off shore aligns with my growth strategy.

Sunil Jacob

I highly appreciate the help Brokers BackOffice team has provided to us. I really value how quickly the team responds to our my files and how accurately the files are processed. I highly recommend.


Major aggregators

We have partnered with major brokerage firms from a variety of aggregator groups. Our team can handle all major CRMs and also application lodgement with a range of different lenders.

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