Virtual team member in Brokers' BackOffice


Hire skilled loan processing officers

We provide fully trained and dedicated loan processing officers to work as part of your team. You have the option to hire a team member either on full time or part time basis.

Our team members are based in India. However, they would remotely log in to Sydney based servers to perform loan processing services for you.

In other words, the offshore team member remotely logs in to a Sydney based machine to do all their loan packaging work. This arrangement conforms with the compliance policy from major aggregator groups.

Please read about our IT security page for more detail.

Characteristics of our team members

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Most of our team members have Masters in Accounting qualification and strong background in accounting and finance industry.

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The team members would be experienced in the Australian mortgage industry and would be able to perform majority of the back-office activities listed below.

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We provide ongoing training to our team members to keep them abreast with the ever changing mortgage broking industry and lender policies.

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The team members work Sydney based hours. Also, you will have the option to chose between full time or part time hours that suits your business operations.

Our commitment

No lock-in contracts

Please don’t worry. There are no long-term contractual commitments.

Full Transparency

You will have full transparency in our fee structure. There are no hidden costs.

Quick Onboarding

You won’t have to wait for months before the team members joins you.

Very Affordable

We believe in long lasting relationships so we provide great services that is affordable.


Action items

The offshore team member will be able to perform the following tasks comfortably


  • Manage brokers inbox
  • Sending credit guide to clients
  • Email clients for missing documents
  • Renaming and organising supporting documents
  • Verify FactFind with supporting documents
  • Ordering upfront valuations with various banks
  • Doing pricing requests for various banks
  • Preparing serviceability calculators for your review


  • Doing CRM data entry
  • Clearing errors in ApplyOnline
  • Uploading documents in CRM and in ApplyOnline
  • Generating NCCP compliance documents
  • Generating lender application forms
  • Sending application form for e-signature
  • Lodging the application


  • Replying to deferral emails from the banks
  • Emailing clients for missing documents
  • Following up with lenders on SLAs
  • Following up with valuers, solicitors and other parties
  • Replying to queries from audit/compliance team
  • Making ‘status change' for applications in CRM
  • Reconciling commission payments