Four Best Aggregators in Australia

There is a big misconception that a broker's job includes just getting a loan approved for their client. That's not true.

They also have a significant amount of responsibility for assisting their customers in achieving their goals. A great broker prioritises laying a strong financial foundation for their customers over anything else, whether the first house, financing a new business, or investment property for their retirement. It appears that being a mortgage broker is merely a checklist of a few things provided by Google.

  • Choose an aggregator
  • Enrol in their training
  • Obtain a licence
  • Learn the business
  • Make contacts
  • Begin your broking journey

Though anyone can become a mortgage broker, the first step, which is selecting an aggregator, is an important one. As the difficulty level of the rest of your journey would depend on it.

In Australia, there are several well-known aggregators. Some of them, however, stands out because of the services they provide to brokers. Fast, MoneyQuest, AFG, and Connective are a few of our favourites.

The following are some of the merits shared by all four aggregators:

  • Importance of brand value. People trust familiar and reputable brands.
  • Each aggregator firm has its individual system for training you in all aspects. Making it easier for new brokers to get started.
  • Years of experience in the Australian market.
  • A wide range of loan products
  • Attending regular events and workshops helps you to connect with the right people more quickly.

Let's understand the business strategy of each of the aggregators mentioned above FAST

A member of Loan Market Group, FAST has a performance-based fee structure for its brokers. They host training courses in your area to keep you updated on the latest market trends. As a FAST broker, you may be eligible for a discounted cost on the MFAA's Equipment Finance certificate workshop.

They have a very active online presence, as well as a dedicated app for their brokers. It offers them access to other delegates and the most current information.

One has the freedom to choose how much help they need from the FAST team and pay accordingly. FAST has tailor-made options that allow you to select your preference of technology platform or theirs.

Once you decide to join them, you will be assigned a dedicated Partnership Manager (PM) and Partnership Support Officer (PSO) to guide you through your brokering journey.

FASTLend and FAST Xpress are their white label products. FASTLend offers high-quality home loans, while FAST Xpress offers attractive loans to SMEs at competitive rates. It has a significant advantage, including no application fees, local customer service support, and guidance from experienced BDMs.

They also have a diverse range of extensive panels of Commercial, Residential, and Asset Finance lenders. The lender panel includes building societies, major banks, and credit unions including specialist non-banks lenders and retail lenders. It not only gives you confidence in meeting the clients' needs but also gives you good rewards.


MoneyQuest is a franchise-based company. They offer a comprehensive online learning system that covers everything a beginner needs to know. Workshops on personal and professional development, business planning, mentoring, and other forms of assistance are available to help you improve your abilities.

Honoured with numerous awards, MoneyQuest is a brand with a large team. They not only assist you in achieving your career goals but also in achieving a healthy work-life balance. Along with a large panel of lenders, their product line allows you to diversify and provide a wide range of financial services to your clients.

Choosing to work with them means being backed by a strong compliance and IT team. Hearing other franchise owners' success stories at regular national and state seminars encourages one to strive for excellence.


AFG has been in the market for decades to help Australians become financially independent. For this, they developed Suite360, an in-house platform that includes comprehensive CRM tools.

Their business model provides diverse income generation options. Broking can be overwhelming. But their live chat facility and access professionals, provides one the confidence to overcome any hurdles. Other benefits include best in class training resources, marketing and sales tools, and simpler accreditations, among others.

Two of their custom-built marketing products are Commercial SMART and Business SMART. They assist brokers in growing their businesses and reaching out to new clients at the right time.

One of the standout features, Red Alerts, notifies the broker when a client intends to refinance their present loan. It is accomplished with the assistance of unique AI integrations, demonstrating how far AFG has progressed in their game.

It includes tools that enable you to create a professional website with your domain name. It also gives you access to a full spectrum of digital marketing tools and outsourcing options to keep your overheads at a minimum.


Connective is Australia's number one award-winning business platform. It is incredibly flexible and has a vast lender panel with a nationwide network.

Connective isn't simply another aggregation platform. You will also benefit from the guidance of an experienced business partner who has all the resources you will need to achieve your objectives.

They don't have any lock-in contracts or agreements. It allows you to leave without penalty. If you have your licence, you can work with lenders that aren't on their panel. If you don't already have one, you can secure an Australian Credit License by becoming a Credit Representative under their license for a nominal monthly fee.

Working with Connective provides several advantages, such as:

  • Custom built business platform called Mercury at zero cost.
  • User-friendly training and tools.
  • Access to leading experts in the field.
  • Super supportive BDMs
  • Daily commission without any cuts.

With such benefits and flexibility, almost 22% of brokers in Australia work with Connective.

These are four of Australia's many aggregators that stand out to us. Brokers' BackOffice provides outsourcing to many brokers associated with these companies. It relieves the burden of overhead on the brokers and the aggregators who support them. If you are new to the industry or already work with another aggregator, feel free to contact us to learn more about our loan processing services.

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